Bachelor thesis

On this page you can find my bachelor thesis. Below is the abstract of the thesis, which should give you an idea about the content:

Abstract: This BSc thesis has two main results. The first is Hardy's theorem about the zeros of the Riemann zeta function on the critical line. The second is the prime number theorem about the distribution of the prime numbers. Chapter 1 serves as a prelude to Chapter 2 and introduces the gamma function and extends it holomorphically to all of C. Chapter 2 studies the Riemann zeta function, discusses the Riemann hypothesis, proves Hardy's theorem and introduces Dirichlet series. Chapter 3 states and proves the prime number theorem using Newman's proof, and Chapter 4 concludes and puts the thesis into perspective.

Counsellor Christian Berg
Size 15 ECTS-points; one quarter year fulltime work
Language English
Handed in July 6 2007
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