From 2004 to 2010 I studied mathematics and its applications at the University of Copenhagen specifically taking these courses. On the right you'll find a list of written work relating to primarily mathematics and mostly produced during my studying years.

Written work

  • [2010, English] Master's thesis. Looking for stationarity in jump-diffusion processes.
  • [2010, English] Project on VRPTW. Application of a packing heuristic on the VRPTW-problem.
  • [2008, English] MathEcon Bachelor thesis. Application of game theory to the problem of negotiation, strikes and boycotts.
  • [2007, English] Bachelor thesis. Proving Hardy's theorem and the prime number theorem using the Newman proof based on complex analysis. [PDF-file].
  • [2007, Danish] Theory of Science for mathematicians project on the foundation of mathematics. [PDF-file]
  • [2006, Danish] First year project at NBI. Analyzing simulated data in order to detect the Higgs-particle. [PDF-file].
  • [2004, Danish] High School project. On the traditional Cavendish experiment trying to determine G. Also includes several measurements of g. [PDF-file].
  • [2003, Danish] On the application of physics in basketball and how to determine the optimal (arc of the) shot. [PDF-file].
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